About Newborn Theatre

Founded in 2012, Newborn Theatre is dedicated to the development of young theatre artists, especially playwrights, across North America.

Since its founding Newborn Theatre has produced two installments of the Odds and Ends Festivals: A Festival of Shorts by Young Playwrights.  Each festival featured some of the newest and bravest writers from both Canada and the United States including LaDarrion Williams, Catherine Weigarten, Basil Andrews, Natalie Kaye and more.  NBT has also won attention for past productions including The Long Run (2012), Plasterface (2012),  Of Shapes Transformed by Love (2014 – co-produced with Aim For The Tangent Theatre) and Plucked (2016).  

Newborn Theatre aims to continue to promote, engage and assist young artists in their pursuit of artistic, theatrical expression.

This zine is designed as a mecca for new, young playwrights to voice their opinions and concerns regarding urethe local theatre community in Toronto.

Newborn Theatre is a non-discriminatory, non-niche, collaborative environment.   All artists who consider themselves to be theatre creators are encouraged to submit proposals to our editor at rachelganz@newborntheatre.com.