Call For Submissions: November Edition

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NBT PODIUM is officially open for submissions to our November Edition:

GOLD! MEDAL! PLAYS! (no sweating please)

We are looking for op-ed pieces inspired by the above topic with regards to HOWEVER YOU FEEL IT RELATES TO YOUR LOCAL THEATRE SCENE.

Articles must be written by any individual who considers themselves a young or emerging theatre or theatrical artist anywhere in the world.

Submissions are not subject to length or form.

Please browse the pieces already published on our website for a better idea of the diversity encouraged.  The point of this website is to provide space for emerging theatre creators to discuss occurring feelings or issues.  We encourage the personal and the terrifying, the obscene and uncensored, the abstract and the especially sickening (if that happens to be the thing you produce).  We also encourage absolute beauty but, we consider Beauty to be found in most things so…just write your heart one, thanks.

Pieces are best when least analyzed upon composition.

Submissions are currently being accepted.  There is no real “due date” other than the end of November. HOWEVER: The true true point of this is to generate impulsive writing on sensitive issues so IF you see this now (whenever Now is occurring for you), it’s best to write the thing you think of RIGHT NOW and submit it asap.  Pieces published on a first-come basis, not more than one piece per day.  Truly derogatory or hateful messaging will be returned to you with the opportunity to self-edit (just don’t point a finger at someone specific and blame their gender or something equally as pathetic, ok?).

Please email submissions INCLUDING a suggested original image, your name (or pseudonym/pen name), your location, a short bio that you would want to see tagged on to the end of your piece

(i.e “Sue Y is a playwright from Mars who runs the indie collective Turds, known for their shitty plays.  She is currently playing Willy in the first all-female production of Death of A Salesman which will tour The Great Lakes in Spring of 2017.”)

No headshot or personal information is necessary.

Email all submissions to

You can ask questions about the topic or assignment if you need to but you will likely receive a nonsensical note about courage (or something equally as obscene).

Have fun and we hope to hear from you!




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