The Podium

Welcome reader

To The New (Website) (even though it’s not new because we’ve been collecting content for a month so it’s actually old by now) (but YOU are new) (so,)


Please remain curious as you read.

The role of this site is to empower local theatre artists to voice their thoughts on the current state of theatrical community in Toronto.

As the creator and editor of this website, I believe, there are not enough resources available in Toronto to support the uprising of local geniuses that I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter. It’s my goal to build a podium for their brilliance.

I’ve chosen amongst the many artists who I know, love, hate, understand, don’t “really” understand, sleep with, laugh with, look at awkwardly, envy, feel sick for/with, believe in, see once in a while, hear about, crave.

I bring them into this space now, with photos that they may or may not have provided and with words that they have absolutely provided, uncensored, with one topic and one instruction: Please tell us what you think. Because I’m curious.


Please note, these writers are all contributing without compensation. They are volunteering their work and honesty. The breadth of what they’ve shared this month is astonishing.

We are paid in your readership. Thank you for being here,


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